Month: March 2018


If Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was triumphal on Palm Sunday,

What went wrong less than a week later?

Why did the crowds who adored Jesus on Sunday, turn on him by Friday of that week?

And what choice does Palm Sunday present to us today?

If this is such a glorious Sunday for all Christians, what goes wrong by Friday that Jesus will find himself betrayed by one of his own disciples, arrested by the high priest’s guard, accused by a coalition of religious leaders, tried by the Roman governor, and sentenced to die the death of a common criminal—death by crucifixion.

What are your expectations today?   Jewish greater expectation resulted in a major disappointment.

We are used to seeing Palm Sunday as a day of great celebration, and indeed it was and is, but not for the reasons we usually think.  We associate the day with Jesus being King and riding into Jerusalem as a king, and with children waving palm branches in his honor.   The Gospel story in fact tells a slightly different tale.   It tells a tale of great expectations and Hosannas on Sunday, and the acclamation ‘crucify him’ on Friday and perhaps in some cases by the very same people!

It is a sobering reminder about what happens to a group of very religious people when you raise their expectations of a major triumph to the roof at the beginning of a week, and by the end of the week dash those hopes so that even the inner circle of male disciples had denied, deserted, or betrayed Jesus by late Thursday, and as for the crowds they had turned ugly.  Jesus was handed over to the Roman authorities for execution by crucifixion.

What accounts for this incredible turn of events all in one work week?   Whatever it is, we need to realize from the outset—- Jesus did not come to meet our expectations.   He came to meet our needsHe did not come to slay our foes and lift us high.  He came to serve and give his life as a ransom for sin.


/Pastor Neil

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