Month: January 2018


Matthew 25:1-13

Last Saturday (January 13, 2018), when we were in New Jersey to drive my father going to Newark International Airport as he was going to the Philippines for a two-month vacation, we checked-in the nearest hotel to the airport and turned-on the TV to watch while we were chilling inside.

Surprisingly, all of the news channel were reporting about the ‘MISSILE ALERT: THIS IS NOT A DRILL IN THE ISLAND OF HAWAII.”

Later it was learned that an employee made a mistake who press on the wrong button. However, panic and fear were spread out the whole Hawaii when they received the warning alert in their phones, TV’s and news.

It came to my mind, not again for the second time in Hawaii; first The attack of the pearl harbor that started the world war 2 and now Missile attack.

Thank God, it was only a mistake by an employee who pressed-on the wrong button. Later, the news mentioned that the employee was transferred to another location.

My question here for all of us is:
• What would we do if we only have a few minutes remaining in our lives?
• If that missile attack were true, what would the people do to the remaining minutes of their lives before the missile hit the whole island of Hawaii?

My friends, this is a wake-up call for all of us, believers and non-believers. It is high time to know and be prepared to what is going to happen in the near future. Being caught unaware or by surprise without any preparations is the worst thing that will happen to all of us.

Are you ready for Jesus coming?

Pastor Neil

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